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All prints measure 9” x 12”. $29.95 per print, price includes domestic shipping. Click on any image to see a larger view of print.

Pomegranate Culture III
“Pomegranate Culture III”

Tumbling Pomegranates
“Tumbling Pomegranates”

Pomegranates Plus III
“Pomegranate Plus III”

Pomegranates Plus VI
“Pomegranate Plus VI”


Pomegranate Evolution I
“Pomegranate Evolution”

Pomegranate Culture I
“Pomegranate Culture I”

Pomegranate Culture IV
“Pomegranate Culture IV”

Pomegranates Plus I
“Pomegranate Plus I”

Pomegranates Plus IV
“Pomegranate Plus IV”


My Student
“My Student”

Pomegranate Culture II
“Pomegranate Culture II”

Pomegranate Culture V
“Pomegranate Culture V”

Pomegranates Plus II
“Pomegranate Plus II”

Pomegranates Plus V
“Pomegranate Plus V”


First Impression II
“First Impression II”

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