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All prints measure 9” x 12”. $29.95 per print, price includes domestic shipping. Click on any image to see a larger view of print.

First Impression
“First Impression”

Camel Milking
“Camel Milking”


Pomegranate Culture III
“Pomegranate Culture III”

Tumbling Pomegranates
“Tumbling Pomegranates”

Pomegranates Plus III
“Pomegranate Plus III”

Pomegranates Plus VI
“Pomegranate Plus VI”


Pomegranate Evolution I
“Pomegranate Evolution”

Three Muses I
“Three Muses”

Camel Milking 101
“Camel Milking 101”

Pomegranate Culture I
“Pomegranate Culture I”

Pomegranate Culture IV
“Pomegranate Culture IV”

Pomegranates Plus I
“Pomegranate Plus I”

Pomegranates Plus IV
“Pomegranate Plus IV”


My Student
“My Student”

Three Muses II
“Three Muses II”

Khalids Turn
“Khalid's Turn”

Pomegranate Culture II
“Pomegranate Culture II”

Pomegranate Culture V
“Pomegranate Culture V”

Pomegranates Plus II
“Pomegranate Plus II”

Pomegranates Plus V
“Pomegranate Plus V”


First Impression II
“First Impression II”

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